About Us


Our Experience

Focus Is Founded on 30 years of industry experience, ranging from Utilities frameworks, Mining, Military, Renewable Energy development and Demand side power connections for Big Tech and industry.

Our people have gained Global experience in power projects and are comfortable in any environment, whether in the field, project office or in the boardroom we have supported and delivered 100s of MW of capacity to export and import projects.

We work across the transmission and distribution spectrum with special interests in substation construction, overhead and underground infrastructure, renewable energy projects and battery energy storage systems (BESS)


Our Aim

At focus energy consulting our aim is to support clients throughout the energy project lifecycle. We understand that ‘day one’ happens long before ambitious projects can even break ground and that throughout delivery important relationships need to be nurtured and maintained.

We use our expertise to provide critical advice on all aspects of the project process from concept to connection. We aim to provide cost effective support where and when you need it.

We aim is to simplify connectivity up and downstream


Our Approach

On or off grid our Number One TENET is to ‘Understand and deliver our Customers Goals

We believe by providing support to our client’s infrastructure and strategy needs we can play an important role in delivering on the energy transition and a decarbonized future.


What We Do

We provide professional services to every element of the power generation and energy demand industries.

From utility scale solar, wind, BESS and clean fuel developments to Big Data and industrial demand projects, Focus energy consulting can support your portfolio through planning, procurement, construction and energization.

We work with technology providers, specialist contractors, utilities, aggregators and funders to give your project the most successful outcome possible.

Our Aim is to simplify connectivity up and downstream, drive efficiency while working to maintain the project support of AHJs and third parties.


Our Services


Grid Delivery

We ensure our client’s assets and grid connections are managed throughout the delivery process; we work to develop execution and CAPEX planning strategies that simplify complex project needs. From overhead & underground power infrastructure to substations and Customer control equipment.

We have the experience to deliver on projects from conception to completion at distribution and transmission level for both generation and demand customers.

At Focus we can help you deliver on critical milestones during planning and permitting, through grid assessment & application. We help our clients to run competitive tender and award processes and track and report on the construction and commissioning phases. We aim to remain a trusted partner right through to asset transfer and project close and can tailor our support to meet your needs. To get Grid Delivery support contact us at info@focusecl.com to arrange a free consultation.


Project Development

At Focus Energy Consulting our aim is to make a positive impact on the journey to a carbon-free future. We work with landowners, industry, utilities, EPCs and funders to develop and deliver projects with long-term benefits for those involved.

Focus are active developers of on and off grid EV charging infrastructure for Short, Medium and Longterm applications.

If you are a landowner, organisation or investor that needs or wants to get involved in the Energy Transition then we are here to help. Contact us at info@focusecl.com


Technology provider (BESS)

Focus Energy + Grid are the sole Irish licensed distributing agent of Powersonic & EVESCO uninterruptable Power systems (UPS), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV charge Solutions that are fully integrable with Renewable Energy Sources

With equipment ranging from 7 to 1000kW suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and utility environments. On or Off grid we supply Warranted, High-Quality, Cost-Effective equipment for Short, Medium and Long-term applications.

Our Turnkey packages can be designed to meet any client's needs and can include design, installation, commissioning and Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

To find out more about our systems enquire at info@focusecl.com and we will arrange a free consultation to begin your bespoke journey.


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